Application of the Shallow Water Equation to Real Flooding Case

  • Sujata Barman et. al


“The application of the shallow water equation to real flooding case” is the paper which is considering the depth and flow of the water. In this paper we solve and validate the shallow water equations (or Saint - Venant Equation) in two and three dimensional Navier – Stokes equations with finite volume method and semi-implicit treatment of the friction term. To obtain the shallow water equations we apply the numerical method and hydrostatic reconstruction scheme. The scheme ensuring non – negativity of the water weight and also capture the dry regions. The methods are validated by simulating the Brahmaputra river flood. The graphs are plotted in the open source EXCEL. In this we analysis the depth of the water and also represent the topography of the river in landscape and also simulating the inundated areas graphically.

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