A Study On Effectiveness Of Performance Appraisal System In Manufacturing Sector

  • Dr S. Ponmuthumari


 Performance appraisal is said to be regular review of employer’s contribution to organisation growth. Organisation growth can be termed in terms of volume of employers, level of sales, it can also be measured in terms of sales volume, from human resource management, and perspective the performance of staff should be measured. The performance of staff should be reviewed on periodical basis. Quarterly basis would be highly suggesting to analyse the performance of employees, it evaluates the employee’s skills, achievement and growth. The study has been undertaken to understand how far the appraisal system in effective in specific to manufacturing sector, usually in service industry it is quite simple to measure service quality provided by employee as the customer nor the client gives feed back whereas in manufacturing sector the employer should make an extraordinary effort and apply various kinds of appraisal system.The objective of the study To study the performance appraisal system for managerial grade employer of manufacturing sector.To study the effectiveness and to offer suggestions from HRperceptive. When employees possess a meaningful role in the appraisal process, employee acceptance and satisfaction with that process is strongly enhanced. An appropriately conducted appraisal process will result in better placement of employees, brings role clarity and leads to job satisfaction which is a great motivating factor for an employee.

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