Slang in Tuneeca Community in Relation to Sociolinguistics Teaching Materials

  • Denik Wirawati , Hasrul Rahman


Slang is a language variety typically restricted to a particular group of people. Slang could be used for both face-to-face and online communication. Tuneeca is a community consisting of female members. The intimate communication within this community on online media creates slang. The communication is related to the sale and purchase transaction, advertisement, and others. The purposes of this research are to describe the form and meaning of slang used by Tuneeca and the relation between slang and sociolinguistics teaching materials. This research is qualitative descriptive research. The subject was Tuneeca community, and the object was slang in Tuneeca. The result shows that the forms of slang in Tuneeca community are word, phrase, clause, and sentence. The meaning consists of lexical, grammatical, referential, denotative, term, conceptual, associative, idiomatical, proverb, narrow-broader, connotative, and emotive. Slang in Tuneeca community can be used as sociolinguistics materials, particularly in language variety related to slang.

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