An Overview of Fibre Brag Grating Sensors and their Configurations

  • Saraswati Kumari, Dr. Taran Kumari


In this paper, the detailed classifications of the fiber gratings, the sensing principle as well as the interrogation methods hasintroduced.A lot of variation can be witnessed field of fiber gratings now a days, and in common they could be understood in two broad classes that are uniform as well as nonuniform gratings. Major three classes of uniform grating are discussed.Fiber Bragg Gratings, Long-period fiber grating, Tilted fiber Bragg gratinglikewise there arethree type of nonuniform grating arediscussed they are, Chirped Fiber Bragg Grating, Superimposed multiple FBGs, Superstructure Fiber Bragg grating. Next is that principle of grating is discussed and at last different type of interrogation sensors has discussed.

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