• Lamia Dawood


Abstract: Creating strong and effective communication methods are the key to the success of any entity whether it is business, non-profit or governmental. Communication methods are used to convey the strategy of an organization and its implementation. Communication is not about transmitting a message to others, but it is working together to reach strategic goals and to have a clear vision of processes, operations and execution. For an organization to grow and sustain its market place, different kinds of communication tools should be used to support the strategy and its implementation to reach employees, customers, suppliers, or investors. In “the Strategic Communication Imperative” by Argenti, Howel and Beck (2005), they used real incidences where communication is used to serve strategy implementation and its goals. They referred to real examples and their quotes in time of crises or changing situation to draw our attention to the vital role played by communication. Whereas with the aim of simplifying the concept of communication as a key driver to strategy and its implementation; it contains graphs to address the public regardless if they have any background about communication or not.It portrays real examples of CEO’s of prominent companies such as FedEx, Textron, and Dell, who faced major crises and how they reacted to them and the methods of communication they used according to each situation and how they endorsed the strategy of their company using various communication tools.

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