Togetherness: A New Paradigm for Fragmented Humanity -Gabriel Marcel’s Perspective

  • Balasamy H Joe


In fact it appears to be an old story reiterated in the modern times and in modern language. In the world of Time Table, Scheduled life, there is little space for the “WE” between husband and wife, friends, parents and etc.,The “other” is slowly sometimes rapidly vanishing from “I”.   This needs a deeper understanding and deliberation. In the modern times the concept of ‘Myself’ and ‘Me’ takes the predominance and thus ‘We’ is rapidly annulled. ‘I can manage’ and ‘I alone’ as the philosophy of life leads humanity into Hazardous Individuality.  At this juncture Gabriel Marcel says Togetherness is a deeper understanding of Human life. Human is programmed to be together. Therefore we need to understand the power of togetherness. In an interjecting point, ‘We’ is formed, this interjecting intersubjectivity should lead humanity into the depths of Togetherness. Humans cannot but live together which is according to Marcel a natural way of living, but Humans forcefully try to break away from this natural way of living thus fragmented.

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