An Introduction to the Traditional Games of Assam

  • Ms. Sanjukta Baruah, Mrs. Alakananda Saikia


All the countries of the world have their own traditional games and sports. Traditional games are important elements of a cultural entity. Traditional games are associated with the society where they are prevailing and the changes in the culture and society with change in time are reflected in these games. Traditional games have existed in Assam, a state on the North East part of India, since ages. An overall discussion on the traditional games of Assam is presented in this research paper “An Introduction to the Traditional Games of Assam”. The traditional games are played with different rules and they are also named differently. Importance of these games for well-being and development of the physical and mental aspects of a person is immense. Traditional games carry the identity of heritage and the state of development of a nation. Besides providing enjoyment of leisure time and mental satisfaction, the traditional games prevailing in Assam also play important role in development of physical , psychological and intellectual development of children as well as adults.

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