Chogramisaba: A spring festival of the Tiwa

  • Dr Dipti Sikha Nath


As, the study of history is inevitable in order to know Assam, so study on the various tribes is equally important to be acquainted with the Assamese community. The base of the formation of Assamese community is the harmonious existence of the tribes. It is the land of tribes and communities since the ancient. The Mongoloids of the Tibetian family have been living in North-East India. The culture and the society of the tribes is characterised by its diversity. The tribes of Tibetian family are the Kachari, Koch, Rabha-Mech, Mikir, Lalung, Dimasa, Garo,Naga,Chutia,Mishing. The Lalung or Tiwa are one of the important tribes of Assam with a rich cultural heritage.They are to be found in Nogaon, Morigaon, Dhemaji and Karbialong district. Although, the main inhabitant of the Tiwas is South-East part of Kamrup, a number Tiwas are also to be seen in a few villages of Lakhimpur districts and also Titabor area of Jorhat. Earlier they were known as Lalung, now they would like to introduce themselves as Tiwa. Chogramisaba is a festival celebrated by the Tiwa during the spring. The meaning of the term Chogramisaba is 'chogra' stands for all and 'misaba' means dance. That is dancing together. The objective of the paper is to have study on the Chogramisaba celebrated by the Tiwa during the spring.

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