Monitoring of Children Online Activities

  • Halil Snopce et. al


Abstract: The information and communication technology has passed the territorial and geographical borders. Nowadays we leave at the time where every part of the society is influenced from the rapid development of information technology. Taking this into consideration, almost in every home there can be found different technological devices, and it is normal to expect a big influence of these devices into the life of every individual person.In this direction, the most sensitive part of the society are children. All of us, especially parents, are very interested for the health education of the new generations. Therefore, we must be aware about the influence of information technology, in particular to our children.   In this paper we investigate the level of influence of the information technology and its consequences to the development of children. The question that appears here and  which we want to answer,  is to detect the level of actions taken from the responsible institutions such are  schools, other institutions, parents, etc, in order to improve this field, which is very important  for healthy upbringing of children. Also we want to detect what are the negative consequences of the use of these technologies. What is the impact of these consequences. What actions are taken in order to improve and to stop the negative phenomena. In order to prevent the society from these negative phenomena, in the beginning we must define and detect the direction and the form in which they appear. To achieve this, first we must have sufficient and relevant information. All the above mentioned questions can be analyzed if in the beginning we get an information about the reason of pushing the children to use these devices with such an intensity. Therefore, monitoring  these activities of children is of big importance. Actually, these aspects are the subject of the research in this paper. In the beginning we detect the opinion of the parents. Then, we continue with the next step which is the identification of different forms of such a monitoring. Finally, we give some significant dependencies among the factors which are defined as variables.

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