The Model of Commitments Employees at Industrial Estate Cable in Bekasi

  • Lukman hadi, Eddy Irsan Siregar, Siti Hafnidar


The purpose of this research was to determine, analyze, and reveal the influence of leadership, competence, work environment, and job satisfaction partially and simultaneously on employee commitment. The population in this research amounted to 20,000 employees in three cable companies in the Bekasi Regency Cable Industrial Estate, with a total sample of 250 respondents. The research method used in this research was descriptive and explanatory survey methods. The sampling method was probability sampling with a proportionate random sampling technique, and the data analysis method used is Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with Lisrel 8.80 data analysis tools. Based on the results of the research, the following findings were found: leadership, competence, and work environment both partially and simultaneously had a significant effect on job satisfaction with a contribution of 51%. Partially the work environment that is reflected by the lighting aspect has the most positive and dominant influence on job satisfaction. Leadership, competence, work environment and job satisfaction both partially and simultaneously have a significant effect on employee commitment with a contribution of 85%. Partially job satisfaction is reflected by the consistency of the most dominant employees in influencing employee commitment.

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