3DoF Control Of Reversed Pendulum By Employing Repulsive Magnetic Levitation

  • Neeti Deswal , Ritesh Yadav


A reversed pendulum is a pendulum which has its mass over its pivot point. Reversed Pendulum is an old style issue in dynamics and control hypothesis and is broadly utilized as a benchmark for testing control algorithms (PID regulators, neural systems, fluffy control, hereditary algorithms, and so on.). Minor departure from this issue incorporate different connections permitting the movement of the cart to be directed while keeping up the pendulum and balancing the cart-pendulum system on the see-saw. The reversed pendulum is identified with missile or rocket direction, where the focal point of gravity is situated behind the jog of drag causing aerodynamic instability. The comprehension of a comparative issue can be appeared by balancing an improved broomstick on the finish of one's finger is a straightforward showing and the issue is comprehended in the innovation of the seaway Position, a self-balancing transportation gadget. In this way, here the whole above issue can be explained by utilizing the levitation system. In this levitation system, three magnets are utilized in the equilateral triangle for giving the power to the reversed pendulum in 3-dimension for balancing the pendulum.

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