AI-Blockchain Electronic Health Records Management System

  • Mallegowda M., Dr. Anita Kanavalli, Tata Mukesh, S. Jaya Krishna Vamsi, Vedant Saxena, Yash Verma


We are living in an era where we are generating health data at an unmatched rate, and storing this data on paper is technically impossible. This resulted in the introduction of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in the previous few years. However, its benefits have never been properly utilized by healthcare providers due to a lack of security and interoperability. The medical data stored by hospitals and other related organizations are vulnerable to various security threats such as a single point of failure and typical DDOS attacks. Further, it is not necessary to store the same patient’s records at different hospitals when it is possible to have one common database. Security being one of the aspects of our motivation, the other involves the retrieval of information that is more relevant to the doctor out of the total medical history in minimal time. Plenty of time is wasted by a doctor to go through the patient’s entire medical history, which instead could have been utilized for better treatment of a patient. Thus, there is a need for a decentralized system to store health records which can be secure as well as insightful helping the healthcare providers efficiently treat and care for a patient.

In this paper, we discuss the various technology stacks used to implement our full-fledged health record system. We see how IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Platform can be a perfect suit for our enterprise application to increase security and support the decentralization of data. Further, the AI-based text rank algorithm has helped in gaining relevant information from a patient’s report. Finally, the entire methodology and workflow of the system have been mentioned in detail for the reader to get a basic idea about it.

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Mallegowda M., Dr. Anita Kanavalli, Tata Mukesh, S. Jaya Krishna Vamsi, Vedant Saxena, Yash Verma. (2020). AI-Blockchain Electronic Health Records Management System. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(3), 14578 -. Retrieved from