Diagnostic and Prognostic Model for a System for Guiding a Microwave Oven Subjected to Degradation

  • Imad El Adraoui, Hassan Gziri, Ahmed Mousrij


In this article, we propose a prognosis model for estimating the remaining useful life (RUL) before the failure of a wear bearing to guide rotating trees in microwaves, in the company called (COSUMAR - Morocco). It is a matter of establishing a model of the degradation envisaged (deterioration by phenomenon of wear) during the favorable mission to the decrease of the reliability over time. The proposed approach is based mainly on the model of behavior of the system under predefined working conditions (Evolution of the degradation). The first phase consists of using all the information available on the guidance system (material properties, mechanical properties, operating environment ...) by developing a brainstorming to make a careful diagnosis of the considered failure. Each influence factor, followed by a calculation of the stresses applied in the contact surface, this calculation is based on a tribological study. The second phase is to establish a model, an empirical law, degradation based on the calculation of wear rate, this model helps us predict the remaining useful life (RUL) of the wear bearing before failure, thus to help the maintenance manager to take the intervention action before the failure. The third part consists of proposing constructive solutions that can be realized within COSUMAR's central workshop, adapted to the operating conditions (friction, pressure, temperature ...) to improve the service life of the wear bearings.

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