Tarling Cirebon-Indramayu Creative Arts Industry

  • Khoirul Fajri, Sumiyadi, Dadang Sunendar, Iskandarwassid


Cultural arts and traditions become the main assets of Indonesian tourism. Performing arts, including oral traditions in the performance, are one of the priorities to be developed in order to improve the welfare of the supporting community. Indonesian society has a variety of local performing arts and literature which, if managed properly, can support the emergence of a creative economy. The problem is how to preserve the development of regional art itself which is increasingly disappearing with the development of the era in this globalization era. Like the art of Tarling Cirebon - Indramayu, which along with its development has increasingly disappeared and shows less of its existence in the modern era as it is today. It is necessary to have a solution to revive the existence of the tarling art by adjusting as well as giving a new color to the structure of the tarling performance through revitalization as a form of existence of traditional art as one of Indonesia's potential heritage of tourism that is able to develop and provide the latest colors in the development of traditional performing arts in the region Cirebon and Indramayu. The purpose of this study is to restore the existence of tarling through the revitalization of the structure of tarling arts and continue to prioritize the value and function of the tarling art itself and to prioritize existing cultural values. So that the art of tarling is able to compete and develop in accordance with the objectives of the government in developing the main assets of Indonesian tourism through the potential of local arts and attractiveness around the Cirebon-Indramayu community. , this research uses a descriptive method with a qualitative ethnographic approach and will be continued through the use of the revitalization of tarling art as a cultural construction as a form of developing tarling art as a form of existence as one of the traditional arts of the Cirebon-Indramayu community through the creation of tarling art with new colors in its performance concept for the sake of the development of the creative economy.

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