Design of 28 nm GAAFET and Its Digital Applications

  • Nishu Singh, Dr. Rajeshwari Pandey


This paper presents detailed design of n-channel GAAFET with physical gate length of 28 nm using COGENDA Visual TCAD. For the designed device silicon is used as dopant, silicon oxide as spacer and aluminium as metal contact. The work functions for the n-channel and p-channel GAAFET is set as 4.5 eV and 4.97 eV respectively.  The electrical characteristics of the devices like ON current , leakage current , sub-threshold swing (SS), drain induced barrier leakage (DIBL) are extracted through simulations. Further, to check the device functionality in circuit applications two digital application namely an inverter and a NAND GATE are designed. A comparative study of various performance parameters like noise margin, propagation delay and power consumption has been done between the proposed and dual gate FinFET (DG FinFET) based applications, which establishes the performance improvement in GAAFET based designs.

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