Design and Analysis of Pliable Elbow Crutch for Differently Abled Individuals

  • N. Muthu Mekala, K. Gunalan


A common elbow crutch is a supportive device which helps the people as a walking aid. The use of traditional crutches for disability in the movement leads to large number of problems to the user than the benefits encountered. This paper deals with the two types of crutch models which liberalize the effort of disabled person’s especially single legged person. Both the crutches provide pliability while walking on the irregular areas and staircases. The model one is provided with  rack and pinion arrangement steel material which is replaced by hollow pipe adjustable pipe in the model 2.The product designs shows that the crutch can be made with less cost and the user will have reduced pain in joints, muscles, and ligaments of lower limb and is proved as a design for human. The structural analysis is performed using Finite Element Analysis to calculate the stress distribution in the members. This analysis shows that the deformation is very less and the structure is rigid. The comparison of two crutch models shows that the model is very comfortable to use because of its light weight..This design is user friendly and supports the one legged persons to a greater extent.

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