6G: Next Decade Telecom Technology Presumption

  • Rakesh Kumar, Neha Ugyal


The development in Telecommunicationtechnology has happened ata fast pace than expected and is continued with a greater velocity.Historically, each decade oftelecommunication brings the nextgeneration of networks due to advancements in science and technology, quest to reach more subscribers or devices, and socio-economic factors. While operators get busy upgrading their networks with existing technology, leading communication giants, academia, and government telecommunication departments start looking for solutions to haveenhanced speed, reliable, and low latency network.Also, these institutionsset an expectation in terms of specifications for the next-generation network to come,through funding research, organizing workshops, promoting collaboration, and conducting trials. Now since 5G is rolling out in many countries, the lookout for new technological development has also been started which will further materialize in the form of a 6G network. This paper will talk about the current 5G networks and the expectations from the next-generation network which will surface in the years come by.

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