Concealed Weapon Detection Using Co-Axial Waveguide

  • Prashanth M. P., Dr. Sujatha B., Sara Mohan George


Over the past decade, terrorism tends to be very geographically focused and many research institutes are working towards methods to reduce terror attack. Concealed Weapon Detection (CWD) plays an important role in public security and a safety such as in airport, railway station and multiplexes etc. The weapon detection system depends on several factor such as shape, size and type of the object. The existing system such as image processing and video processing, still require accuracy and should maintain operating frequency should be less, as a higher frequency range is hazardous to human. In project proposal, made an attempt to detect and identify concealed weapons using co-axial wave guide. The coaxial cable is designed to work in a frequency range varying from 90 MHz to 100 MHz A Radio Frequency (RF) signal is transmitted into co-axial cable, the Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) is used to measure the transmission and reflection parameter (S-parameter) through a five-feet cable. The results have been concluded by taking multiple iterations using different metals concealed beneath human cloth. Analyzing the data of transmitted and reflected parameters (S-parameter), and started predicting the class of given data points, training, testing and classification using Machine-learning algorithm also performed.

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