Prediction of Human Brain Tumor Based on Machine Learning

  • S. Famitha, Dr. M. Moorthi


Nowadays the medical image analysis faces severe problem for identify the disease in the human body. There are various cancers affected the human life which are detected in early stages.  Brain tumor is a disease which spreads across the human brain which leads dangerous illness issues. The present study of the brain tumor provides the complete information about the medical image analysis.  MRI images are taken for the tumor analysis which starts with image retrieval from the sources.  Various image detection algorithms are analyzed and compared based on the region identified during the process of image segmentation. The raw images are smoothening using various kinds of filtering level. The tumor is classified based supervised machine learning algorithm over binary and multi class classification with efficient algorithms.  Clustering of the image pixel with intensity levels is considered for locating the tumor region. Learning method takes different kind of MRI images for predicting the Image in accurate manner. Neural network based analysis of the brain tumor with deep hidden layer performs large number of images for improving the detection accuracy. The overall objective of the analysis is to understand and detect the tumor in early stages which helps the doctor for accurate diagnosis.

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