Home Reading Challenges and Authenticity Criteria Selecting Texts

  • Zivile Nemickiene


Reading  a cognitive active process – is of great educational value as the best minds of humanity their aspirations, insights and dreams expressed in a printed word.  Reading activities are different and require appropriate skills. Thus, reading skills in a foreign language should play a role in the overall process of language learning at school and higher educational institution. The article aims at identifying the main criteria for selecting texts in upper levels of language learning and proving the importance of home reading. The most optimal approach and criteria in the selection of texts for home reading is identified taking into consideration various components of the authenticity of a text. The cognitive value of the text, the principle of simplicity, consistency and logical presentation of events, in relation with the known and needed to study lexical and grammatical material. Disregard of these principles causes a failure of home reading activities.

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