Collaboration: Efforts to Strengthen Government's Role

  • Wildan Lutfi Arieyasmieta, Tri Wahyuni, Dan Rustan Amarullah


The implementation of decentralization is a long process in changing the administration of the government from centralized to be closer to the people. With decentralization, it is hoped that regional governments will be able to bring services closer to the community. This study examines the journey of decentralization in developing regions using a collaborative approach. The collaborative approach is felt to have an impact on improving development in the region. However, in certain aspects, the collaborative approach has become the choice for several regions. The current condition of collaboration is always synonymous with innovation. This study aims to reveal positive changes in the regions and draw a collaborative approach in the regions. This study uses qualitative research methods with a descriptive approach. Information was obtained from statements by regional officials in official forums that were published. The results of this study indicate that Makassar City and Surabaya City use a collaborative approach in developing their regions. The collaboration approach turned out to be a trigger for increased development in the region. Successful regions experience at least positive changes in the framework of decentralization and regional autonomy

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