Opinion Based Recommendation System Using Sentimental Analysis

  • Dr. Aparna K.


 E-commerce is the modern electronic commerce that regularly customs the World Wide Web for the slightest portion of the deal's lifespan although it may also use other technologies such as e-mail. Regular e-commerce dealings comprise of purchase of music albums and the buying of online books etc. In the existing technique, a methodical statistical approach is adopted to study the recommendations using recommendation algorithms. The data exploration is based on the log data of a large e-commerce site. These data could be collected from IDs and cookies on the website, which is not a sufficient method to implement the real-time e-commerce recommender system. The proposed work collects the user rating and feedback report. Based on the feedback of the precise product the recommender system generates the product endorsement to the e-commerce users. The recommendations are made through the sentiment analysis, which takes the user feedback as the input and analyzes the data in order to predict if the input is good or bad. If the feedback is good, then the recommendation system allows the product to the recommendation list. Otherwise, the product is not added to the recommendation list.

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