Importance of Product Advertising in the Marketing of Enterprises

  • Gulnora Ismoilova, Nargiza Rakhmatullaeva, Feruza Nabieva


Ultimately, advertising activity is one of the components of marketing, with its participation the market position of the company is strengthened, the sales of products offered are accelerated and the efficiency of the enterprise increases. Today, global economy has been boosted with the combined means of advertising facilities ranging from traditional advertisements to electronic advertising actions. As the advertising industry has become so popular that there are some commercial organizations that make profit with advertising. Moreover, the number of organizations making profit from advertising is increasing. Therefore, this article scrutinizes the importance of product advertising and ways to increase its effectiveness in marketing activities. Furthermore, the need for advertising products and services is growing which makes companies spend more on it. The data about annual spending on advertising has been examined in this article. Indeed, the article estimates the future popular means of advertisements.

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