Knowledge, Attitude and Awareness of Warning Signs and Risk Factor of Stroke among Dental Students

  • Raja Kumar, R. Gayatri Devi


 Introduction: In the modern world, stroke has been a leading problem in most of the country. Many people die every year with stroke due to lack of knowledge and awareness among people. Stroke mainly happens due to poor blood pressure according to the report WHO. In India like the country telemedicine is currently used for diagnosing stroke patients and subtyping ischemic or hemorrhagic, treating according to the needs. The aim of this study is to create awareness about the signs, risk factor and complications of the stroke among dental students. 

Material and Methods: This is a cross-sectional survey-based study and a set of questionnaires was prepared based on awareness about the sign and risk factors of stroke. It was circulated among dental students through survey planet software. The sample size chosen for this study was 100. Before the start of the survey, a detailed explanation of the study was shared with the participant. Once the participants completed filing the survey, all the data were compiled for statistical analysis.

Result: In the distribution of age groups, 57 % belong to 14-20 age groups, 40 % belong to 21-40 age groups. 61.4% are Male and 38.6% are Female. It represents the distribution of awareness on stroke warning signs, 56 % are aware of stroke warning signs and 44 % are still not aware. Depicting the risk factor of stroke, 70 % agreed that the risk factor of stroke and 30 % not agreed. 

Conclusion: Students are more aware of the stroke warning sign, it is a positive thing for the students. Because if the patient comes with a stroke they can easily recognise and start to diagnose and treat. Some strokes are very emergency and the symptoms occur suddenly which requires immediate hospitalization. Students can also get the knowledge and awareness about stroke by searching the internet where a valuable amount of information is available. 

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