TE01 Mode Miter Bend for High Power Millimeter Wave Gyrotron Transmission Line System

  • Pujita Bhatt, Amit Patel, Sathyanarayana K.


In the gyrotron transmission line system, it is necessary to transmit a high level of microwave power over a distance of few meters. This microwave power transmission system requires the use of oversized waveguide, mode converters, and miter bends, to avoid breakdowns and optimize the microwave power characteristics. One critical component of the waveguide transmission line system is a miter bend, which is capable to handle 200 kW power at 42 GHz. In order to have efficient transmission, a quasi-optical 90° TE01 mode miter bend has been proposed and developed. The design of the miter bend consists of a mirror and two oversized waveguides. The miter bend propagates circular waveguide TE01 mode, without converting it into other spurious modes. We have applied a gap theory for calculating theoretical loss and used a finite integration technique for performance optimization and simulation of the proposed design. Both analytical and simulation results show good agreement to each other in terms of performance. The transmission efficiency is above 98% at 42 GHz, the insertion loss is 0.2166 dB and the transmission efficiency is greater than 95% in a 0.4 GHz band. The measured insertion loss of the miter bend assembly is 0.225 dB. A novel computer-aided design (CAD) for TE01 miter bend is used to make it operational in high vacuum.

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Pujita Bhatt, Amit Patel, Sathyanarayana K. (2020). TE01 Mode Miter Bend for High Power Millimeter Wave Gyrotron Transmission Line System. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(3), 11730 - 11749. Retrieved from https://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJAST/article/view/29844