A Comparative Study on Smart Parking using Internet of Things

  • N. Abirami, Dr. K. Lakshmi


Each vehicle trip ends with a parkingsituation. This is one of the worst experiences that every driver feels. Especially now India is getting more motorized, the rate of private vehicle is more when compared with the public transport, this leads to a lack of parking slots to park private vehicles. So, the drivers spend their most of time to search for parking slots, this leads to heavy traffic congestion. Yet, presently the situation is that there are not adequate parking slots accessible or there is additionally probability that individuals are not currently mindful about the legal parking slots accessible in their region. To invalidate these inconveniences, in recent times some new technologies have been advance that help in comprehending the parking issues to a huge level. Smart parking is so significant in each smart city. It will permit the drivers to reserve a parking place on the Platform of Smart Park. In this paper, we will examine the smart parking system in a smart city which is embedded with features using IoT, which helps the drivers to find a parking slot very quickly.

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