Prominence of Self-Actualization in Organization

  • Dr. R. Gopinath


This term, self-actualization is getting more attention of researchers in resent era. Objective of this paper is providing a complete view about the contribution of self-actualization in organization. The term Self Actualization was first coined by Kurt Goldstein, refers to man's' desire for self- fulfillment, and the propensity of an individual to become actualized in his potential. This penchant getting augmented one idiosyncratically wants to become everything that he is capable of becoming. This term was familiarized as, an ultimate needs of human beings (Maslow, 1968)in his hierarchy of motivation. It was also defined by various authors in following ways; a life-long process (Rogers, 1961), a way of living (Gowan, 1972), and a challenge (Kerr, 1991) It also discussed in terms of actualizing tendency (Rogers, 1951), the longing, motive, or penchant to live up to the highest level of one’s capabilities (Globe, 1970; Goldstein, 1939; Rogers, 1961), having earned recognition in one’s field of endeavor (Reis & Callahan, 1989; Walker, Reis, & Leonard, 1992), and the individual’s urge for  self-actualization is not a fixed state, but it is a process of development which does not end. The presence of self-actualized people has a role on the success of the organization. This paper provides a conclusion on the significant role of self-actualization in organization, especially in job satisfaction, job involvement and organizational commitment.

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