Deducing Passive Design Strategies from Psychrometric Chart

  • Fabrice Mwizerwa, Mukesh Kr. Gupta, Dharam Buddhi


The ultimate aim of undertaking this research work is to findout the impacts of only implementing passive design strategies on the thermal comfort zone of the residential building’s occupants of Kamembe region located in the west south of Rwanda.For reaching the above stated ultimate aim, the use of a software known as climate consultant was necessary for being able to draw the appropriate passive design strategies for the chosen location. To ensure that the adopted procedures conform to the internationally approved standard, the ASHRAE standard 55 was selected for this purpose.The outputs of this research showed that by implementing only passive design strategies, 86% of whole annual hours can be put in the thermal comfort range of theresidential building’s occupant.It is hence advised that before the designing phase of the building to conduct a detailed survey on the climatic characteristic of the location using tools such as climate consultant for being able to visualize how the building response should be designed in regard to its surrounding climate.

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