Analytical study of Effect of COVID-19 On Word Economy

  • Dr. Priyanka Bobade


COVID -19 i.e. CORONA has changed the picture of today’s world. No one has thought that total world is lockdown and everyone is sitting at home, Doing work from home. It’s very difficult to everyone to survive in lockdown world. The first time World Health organization declare as “Global Health emergency” due to COVID-19 i.e. CORONA. They were given statement like CORONA not only effect the Global Economy (Market) but also damages Geopolitical Environment. It leads to continuous increases in the unemployment rate and it creates depression amongst the people. Most of the people are losing their job every week. Eric Rosenbaum said that 8.7 million job lost by Americans in every week. Objectives of the research paper are To Study the effect of COVID-19 on World Economy. To know the impact of COVID-19 on World Economy. To find out solutions so that world economy become stable. CORONA slow down the world Economy. This research paper helps to shows what are sectors effected from COVID-19

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