Web Based Online Car Rental System

  • Nidhi Singh, Venu Gopal Pandey, Dr.N.Thillaiarasu


Transportation is the spine of the working man and is a medium between such a large number
of organizations, governments, and individuals. Getting legitimate transportation can
streamline such huge numbers of extra issues in our regular daily existence and even improve
our sufficiency in the work environment. Subsequently there is doubtlessly a need develops to
have a structure that can offer assistance and organizations to find and spare transportation
medium like a vehicle when it is required.
The procedure of booking a vehicle for the rental reason is manual. It requires physical
undertakings in booking a vehicle and is monotonous and over the top. Likewise, as far as the
benefit it is fewer recipients and in the long run, decreases the normal results. The vehicle
rental framework has a PHP outlook for the organization, an online entryway, and created
utilizing PHP and MySQL individually. This entrance is a client well disposed of, practical,
and lessens endeavors and time to look through a vehicle. The client needs to make its record
by means of enrollment procedure and book the necessary vehicle on the web. This assists with
sparing work and increment the accessibility of vehicles to the proper organizations. The
additional component of our endeavor report is self-drive vehicle renting and having pickupdrop concentrates so the association can work remotely..

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