Research of Early Prediction of Diabetes using Data Mining

  • Aastha Vashishtha, Rohit Aggarwal


Diabetes is a chronic disease. This disease is very dangerous for the health of human beings. In this disease, the sugar level exceeds the normal level. This disease is caused due to inconsistent insulin secretion or damaged biological effects, or sometimes both. This disease can affect the functioning of several organs such as eyes, kidneys, heart, blood vessels and nerves. In current scenario, construction of predictive models with the help of risk factors is very essential for diabetes prediction. Most of the studies have recommended conventional techniques for this purpose. Data mining plays an important role in disease prediction. Data mining can be defined as a technology using which valuable information is extracted from bid databases. Nowadays, extremely large and massive data is available in hospitals and medical sector related to diabetes. Data mining includes multiple disciplines of computer science. These disciplines include computational process, machine learning, statistical methods, classification, clustering and discovering patterns.

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