Detection of Collusion Attack on Trust Management Platform in Cloud Environment

  • M. Thenmozhi, P. Lakshmipriyaa


In cloud environment, the cloud service provider (CSP) provides service to the users. Based on the availed service the user provides either high or low trust score to the CSP. Using the trust value of CSP the users can find trustworthy CSPs. In some cases the users assigns either very high score to promote or very low score in order to de-promote the business of a CSP. This is due to the reason that the CSP might have compromised one or more users to provide false trust value by sending private messages to them. It is more likely that in such scenario instead of a single user, group of users are involved in committing trust fraud. Such type of attack is termed as collusion deception attack. In literature, several works exists to provide trust assessment to efficiently assign trust values to the CSPs, but identifying collusive deception behavior has not been addressed properly.  The objective of the proposed work is to detect malicious CSPs and malicious users thereby identifying the collusion attack in the cloud environment.

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