Identification of Dialects: Survey

  • S. Shivaprasad, Dr. M. Sadanandam


                        Automatic Dialect Identification plays a crucial role for constructing an Automatic speech recognition system in an appreciable manner in signal processing. We can mention dialect as property of a language that varies from standard version of that language depending upon the region. Dialect can be identified from speaker’s vocabulary, articulation, grammar and some other aspects like loudness, tonality and nasality. Identifying dialect exactly and properly will help in making some applications and services to work in an efficient manner such as e-learning and many such fields that is more helpful for homebound, aged ones. Dealing with dialect identification is very difficult due to factors like insufficient databases, subtle to regional boundaries, variations in languages. It is a tedious analysis procedure. Due to this factor dialect identification became crucial among research topics. Through this paper, we explain the process that is performed in identification various dialects and also the work done up to now, thereby providing information on what might be expected in coming years. 

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