An Identification of Tremors Occurrence due to Elderly Age and Forgery of Handwriting

  • Avnish Kaur, Dr. Amit Chauhan


Identification of genuine author is considered the prime responsibility of questioned documents experts. Individuality is established by following the principles and individualistic features of handwriting. Although the advanced technologies which are more scientific and conclusive have taken over the traditional methods, yet some aspects of handwriting are examined based on class and individual physiognomies. Due to unintentional and rhythmic movement of muscles or oscillation of more than one part of the body often results in tremors over handwritten documents. Such situations are most common but challenging for determination of authenticity of the documents. As tremors had a wide range of occurrence due to some internsic/ externsic factors e.g.old age, forgery, illiteracy, alcohol intoxication, sickness etc. Tremors can also be seen in the handwriting of person suffering from motor dysfunction. This pilot study was conducted to differentiate the tremors presence in handwritten documents by an elderly person and a forged document. As a resultant of this study, it was observed that tremors can be identified based on some fixed parameters. Along with it, metric system helped to determine the range of variation in the documents written by an elder person or forged by forger.

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