ZigBee-Based Smart Fire Detector for Remote Monitoring and Control

  • Jung Kyu Park, Hyungyoon Seo


Fire alarm system monitors the fire occurrence requirements in real time and automatically generates an alarm when a fire condition is satisfied. A fire alarm system can be introduced to reduce human and property damage if fire is detected early. In addition, the fire alarm system should be developed in accordance with changes in the residential environment and buildings. In this paper, we propose a fire alarm system using ZigBee and utilizing a wireless sensor network. The proposed fire alarm system can detect multiple areas of fire in real time. In addition, the system uses multiple sensors to accurately obtain environmental information to increase the accuracy of detection. A terminal device was developed using a real microcontroller and a ZigBee to perform the experiment. The terminal device used a 5V power supply and used a current of about 200mA. In addition, a dedicated control program was developed to collect and monitor all terminal device data.

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