Survey Based on Internet Access and Usage among Students

  • Praveshika Sinval, Aman Singla


Internet is the most finest and necessary tool in today’s world. This study is based on the daily usage of internet among the engineering students. A survey has been carried over 250 respondents of Chitkara University, Himachal Pradesh. All are engineering students that includes computer science, electronics and civil engineering streams. The main part of this study focused on different web browser usages, social networking websites, web applications and different web search engines usages and their access. Internet has now become a vital resource among students and teachers of all the age groups and genders. Today the easiest mode to use internet for students and teachers are mobile phones rather than computers/laptops.  For various purposes like for searching some sort of information on any of subject or course related topic. Internet is also the biggest source of communication now days. As people are interacting and sharing their  ideas via various social networking sites, This study also covers one basic aspect that whether internet is addictive quality or not and also could we live our life without internet or not.

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