Evaluation of Routing Protocol Performance in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Prathiba Jonnala, Ummadi Janardhan Reddy


The Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) alludes to a lot of irregular sensors intended to screen and record the physical states of the earth and to arrange information gathered in a important area. The proficiency of this WSN is Very laying on the routing convention. The index is key Challenge to processing systems, since they exchange between them Responsiveness and proficiency. Various leveled class in routing state the conventions gives a structure on system solidness and power Efficiency and versatility. There are numerous conventions in this Category. In this examination, we break down Low Energy Adaptive Gather drain and amass vitality productively in PEGASIS Protocols. This work breaks down these conventions dependent on throughput,life time and vitality utilization. Recreate results utilizing LEACH, PEGASIS utilizing NS2 test system.

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