Personality Type Influenced Student Learning Style

  • Arcadius Benawa, Antonius A. Gea


The purpose of this research is to help students recognize their personality types to be able to use more appropriate learning style so that their learning outcomes are more effective. Personality type or type of personality is anything that characterizes a person in thinking, expressing emotions and behavior in adapting. Learning style is a way for someone to receive, process, and remember information, whether auditory, visual or kinesthetic.

Based on research conducted on 100 students who became the sample, showed that 64 students with introverted personality types tended to choose auditive learning styles (41.88%), while 36 students with extroverted personality types tended to choose visual learning styles (55.56%). Thus, it can be concluded that personality types affect someone in choosing their learning style. The implication is that students need to understand their personality types for the effectiveness of their learning outcomes.

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