Detection and Identification of the Wrist Fracture Using the Blob Analysis Technique

  • ManjulaGururajRao H, Nagaraja G.S


Medical science uses the computer science in the major areas. Medical Science uses the images from the X-ray, CT-Scan and MRI to identify or detect the various tumors, fractures and endoscopic. Digital X-rays are more commonly used in the medical field, such as in the areas like orthopedic and dental.  To identify the bone fractures the X-ray images are commonly used. Bone fractures are common in day today’s life. So the number of patients will be more and false fractures are also added. This leads into much pressure on the doctor and results in to the too much workload.  This paper proposes the Blob modal method to identify the fracture. Blob method detects the fracture in the wrist, and also detects the area of the fracture. This method will be helpful and assist the doctors, regarding the elimination of the false fractured cases. And also help the patient, who has the fracture and needs the extra care. The doctors can concentrate on such patients, instead of tracing the non-fractured patient. This paper discusses the elaborated result and compared.

Keywords:Segmentation, blob analysis, blob feature extraction, pre-processing, Noise.

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