Wide Bandwidth Slotted Microstrip Patch Antenna at Millimeter Wave Frequency

  • M.D.Madhan , D.Subitha


This paper offers a single band microstrip square patch antenna for future 5G wireless communication networks. The simulated antenna has been optimized for a center frequency of 28 GHz with a high bandwidth of 1.68 GHz. Efficiency of the simulated antenna is 96.6% at 28 GHz and the return loss of the antenna design is 38.3 dB, with a high gain of 6.46 dB. The microstrip patch antenna is manufactured on a kapton polymide (lossy) substrate with a dielectric value of 3.5 and a loss tangent (tan δ) of 0.007. The antenna has a minimal size of 5.12×5.12×0.9 mm suitable for designing large size antenna arrays for massive MIMO systems, which is a key component of 5G. CST Microwave Studio, a 3D simulating tool, is utilized for the simulation of antenna design.


Keywords: 5G wireless communication, 28GHz, High bandwidth improvement, High return loss, 5G single patch antenna, inset-fed microstrip antenna, CST microwave studio.

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