Recent Advances in Pedagogical Practices for Effective Learning Outcomes

  • Bhargava, A.V., Ramadas, V


The teacher and their pedagogical practices still form an integral part of education as almost all the learners in the world depend on gaining knowledge from qualified educators. Pedagogical practices typically implies to the methods of teaching taken by the teachers. However, the traditional practices are being criticized due to their enhanced affiliation towards the teachers and not learners. It is time to shift the focus towards learning outcomes, which can behave as check marks for testing the perceived quality of education among students. These pedagogical practices vary from country to country, thereby causes differences in the knowledge gained. Thus, for improvement sake, it is important to understand the difference in the teaching methods of the teachers. Our study aims to review the recent developments in pedagogical teachings of school teachers on the students learning consequences and to identify the best possible measures for improving the current scenario of teaching at the school level. There is an urgent need for these kind of studies, especially for developing countries like India as the quality of education is being perceived to be low compared to others. Our study can be the foundation of understanding interventions in terms of educators, schools, and even governance that can improve quality of education through understanding of learning outcomes. This review will be useful not only to the educationists, but also for policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders so as to integrate useful techniques for the betterment of teaching practices world wide.

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