First-Year Engineering Design Challenge: Re-Evaluation of the Medical Walker

  • Aezeden Mohamed, Peter Oyekola, NgeneTochukwu


Limitation in mobility is an issue commonly associated with being dependent on others to accomplish tasks. This could lead to psychological related issues like depression, infections, loss of strength, and other negative health impacts.This paper is therefore focused on the design process of a mobility aid targeted to assist senior citizens and all users to complete tasks independently while ensuring their safety and being cost effective. It is a novel research done as an introduction of first years engineering students to engineering design process in an effort to develop strong sketching and 3D modelling skills in a non-isolated manner. The goal of the design process was to create a versatile device that could replace the need for other mobility-utility aids such as electric shopping carts commonly found is grocery stores, while implementing a compact design, collapsible structure, agrabbing tool, and a basket whose purpose and functionality to ensure effortless transportation in any motor vehicle. Hence, injuries related injurie and market-analysis of existing mobility devices was studied to determine prospective designs solutions which was further to ensure safety standard were met.

Keywords: Design, Walking Aid, Mobile Walker.

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