Art of Teaching Innovative Writing Techniques

  • Sailaja Gaddam


The paper mainly focus on students how to enhance the most crucial productive  skill - Writing continues to have its importance in all times. A good number of people despite having good spoken skills at times fail to prove their mettle when it comes to writing. Since writing represents a writer even in his absence and doesn’t have scope for clarification, one has to master this art well. Most students are reluctant to write because writing demands more focus than reading, and students are sacred that what they write may be with errors in a language in which they may not have gained even partial mastery. They may apprehend facing difficulty in composing their thoughts in English which is usually a second language to them. Sometimes they think in their native vernacular and try to translate it into English resulting in errors of direct translational flaws of syntax and grammar as well as sentence structure and meaning.  Since standards of writing are more stringent than other skills, students need to be trained to proceed from writing short passages to longer essays, both creative and analytical. They need a lot of encouragement and appreciation. They need to be exposed to standard written materials.The present paper on writing aims at familiarizing learners with the nuances of effective writing which can help them know the subtle art of writing, enabling them to write with clarity, precision and at the same time with the quality to express their ideas on different occasions with the notions of  relevance and accuracy.

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