Machine Learning Based IoT Security System for COVID-19

  • Raju,Krishan Kant Singh Gautam, Rajendra Kumar


In 21st century maximum user’s information is going on the internet and in this Internet of thing (IoT) is playing a very special role. IoT generating large volume of data whether it is personal or public, after invention of IoT devices or simply say smart devices the rate of generating IoT data has increased. In IoT ecosystem many physical devices communicate with each other through common platform and this common platform can be a cloud or server that also control these devices. Today, when COVID-19 has become a pandemic problem for whole the world, IoT can help to identify the victims of COVID-19 virus by collecting data from various source without physical contact with them. It can help government to safe their COVID-19 fighters from infection and security of IoT data can also be maintained by the IT sector so that they can safe their user’s information from the intruder. In this paper various Machine Learning algorithms are applied on Dummy data set of COVID19 to check various parameters of Accuracy and finally a best ML algorithm is suggested for security of IoT data.

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