Investigation on Induction Motor Stress During Different Operating Conditions

  • Dr. Md. Sharif Iqbal, Shahina Bano


      It is well known that Induction motors are used worldwide as the “workhorse” in industrial applications. Although, these electromechanical devices are highly reliable, they are susceptible to many types of faults. Such fault can become catastrophic and cause production shutdowns, personal injuries and waste of raw material. However, induction motor faults can be detected in an initial stage in order to prevent the complete failure of an induction motor and unexpected production costs. The motive of this paper is to analyse the stress on induction motor during its starting under different operating conditions through vibration and electrical signatures. The work reported in this paper uses noninvasively method for taking vibration and electrical signature. These signatures have been taken experimentally in Power engineering research lab under different conditions and then analysed to find the stress on squirrel cage as well as slip ring induction motors.  For stress analysis fuzzy – evolutionary system is used.

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