Occupational Stress Among School Teachers In Jordan

  • Khaled Salem Ali Almahsneh


Occupational stress is the reaction to work stress and pressures that are not harmonized to the knowledge and skills of an individual/worker and which challenges his ability to manage. This research was conducted to assess occupational stress among teacher in Jordan; identify sources of stress; and suggest possible strategy to reduce stress levels thereby help teachers cope with work related stress. The research used a cross-sectional survey design with a sample of 280 teachers. Descriptive statistics of percentage and bar charts was used in presenting the data for the study. The result obtained revealed that most of the Jordan teachers experience work-related stress. The result also showed that poor working condition is the highest contributing factor to occupational stress among Jordan teachers, followed by Personal Factors, Employment Factors, Lack of Support and Student Factor in that order.  As solutions, conducive working environment should be provided for teachers; teachers empowered; students motivated by the government/societ; and the cultivation of a healthy interpersonal relationship amongst teachers.

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