Packet Loss Aware Trust Management (PLATM) for IOT Network

  • Sowmya Gali, Venkatram Nidumolu


In IoT applications security is an important criterion for sending information exchange.Packet loss is an important constraint in an IoT network which can be occurred because of numerous reasons like energy depletion, out of range communication due to mobility, low buffer capacity and congestion at buffer of node. Lack of such exploration the performance of any trust based security mechanism may affect that results an innocent node will suffers and the malicious nodes remain unexplored consequences in the network.To develop the trust model, this paper proposes a packet loss aware trust management (PLATM) for an IoT network. In this model the PLATM uses MAC layer information and residual energy status as an important evaluation metrics to measure the trust worthiness of node. Here the evaluation of trust worthiness is a composition of packet forwarding capacity and residual energy status of the node. Simulation analysis is implemented over the proposed approach and the performance metrics such as malicious detection rate, false positive rate and average packet loss ratio are measured. The obtained performance metrics results an eminent performance of proposed mechanism when compared with existing mechanism..

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