The Development Of Chınese Educatıon In Federated Malay States Before The Second World War

  • Norazlan Hadi Yaacob, Faezah Kassim, Aiza Maslan@Baharudin


The vernacular education system often becomes an issue in Malaysia. Various parties would point at the system of education whenever arises controversy, especially in connection with ethnic relations, patriotism and also different political trends. However, many fail to understand how this education was founded and the factors that strengthened the vernacular education. The vernacular education system existing in Malaysia has evolved all along development. The period between the years 1896 and 1941 was a significant era to witness the development of the people and the system of education intended in the Federated Malay States. The discussion in this research focuses on the educational development among the Chinese because this race had foresight in determining the direction of education and hoped to strengthen their racial identity. The objectives of this study are to know the British policy in influencing the implementation of the vernacular education system, the development of Chinese education and the factors that contributed to the racial identity. The methodology used is qualitative analysis approach.  Various primary and secondary sources have been conscientiously referred. The primary sources include official documents, official letters and newspaper. In addition, files from the High Commissioner’s Office, files from the Colonial Land office CO 273 & CO717, State Annual Reports and the Federated Malay States are also analysed. The findings show that the British Administration had no special policy in determining the system of education before Second World War. The main objective of the education for the Chinese and Indians in the Malay Land was to provide a similar system of education as of their native land.

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