Cognitive Radio Network Resources Management Using Cloud Computing

  • Harpal Singh Grewal


Cognitive Radio network is a solution to the growing issue of spectrum scarcity and radio resource management. The platform for Cognitive Radio is Software Defined Radio which with its unique capability of reconfigurability and flexibility can be the key technology provider. Data Analytics is a requirement for Cognitive Radio network which could be solved by using cloud as a central entity for storing of information pertaining to spectrum availability such as licensed user bands, unlicensed user bands, usage of each band, security mechanism and primary and secondary users who are sharing a band as per availability. For Radio Resource management one of the key aspects is detection of the idle spectrum band and taking cognizance of using this band as per requirement when it is lying unutilised.

The success of Radio Resource Management will depend on design and robustness of the security mechanisms to protect the network from malicious software, licensed user emulation and securing the data in an open environment.

The system model consists of simulation of dynamic spectrum sensing using cloud which is a key requirement for radio resource management apart from Cognitive Radio network design using Software Defined Radio. In the present model, Energy Detection technique is used by dynamic spectrum sensing to detect a signal.

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