Use Of Lıbrary Facılıtıes On Students Achıevements In Morarjı Desaı Resıdentıal Schools

  • Naveen Gangadhara Rugi, Dr. Chandrashekhara E


This paper is an attempt to Understand and evaluate the use of library facility and resource among school students in Morarji Desai Residential Schools at Davanagere district.In this study servey method was follow to collect data. A total number of 14 Morarji Desai Residential Schools to users and out of 10 schools were selected for the present resesrch study.Research shows that school libraries have a positive  impact on student literacy and learning outcomes. Read a selection of a research reports illustrating the effectiveness of  library  services that are aligned with the school’s vision and learning goals. In that schools 300 girls and boys students were selected by simple random sampling method.  A satisfied accidental random sample method was used for selection of respondents. In this study we found that majority of  students 84%  visit the library daily and  16 % students visit the library once in a week. But above 84 % students expressed that the library has updated books are not available. It seems that library should subscribe a number of  textbooks, CET Books, News Papers, old Question papers, and also Pure drinking Water supply in Library hall.The department  fullfill  the demand of the students in their area ofinterest. Inference : The caluculated value is less than the table value hence we state that all students are given normal opinion towards library facilities & visit & after visit library opinion. So we conclude with null hypothesis is accepted.

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